Every Investor looks for ROI. In our business Property owner look for credible occupants. We bridge this task. Quality education has become a tag line for most of the aspirants, as the numbers rise of students move out of their home town this has created a demand for Safe Accommodation. At Stay & Safe, we provide assistance for the tenants and landlords to meet their demands through a smooth and hassle-free house/apartment rental process.

Commitment to landlords

Safe Rental Contract

Investors are safe with, Stay & Safe Ltd helps you to manage your property, and the rental contract will be with the Property owner. As investor you would not need to worry in finding a good tenant which gives you complete peace of mind.

Tenant Replacement Policy

We support our Investors in finding new Tenants . with Stay & Safe Ltd you won't need to worry about it forever.

Strict House Policy

Each tenant has to agree and abide by the house policies which each landlord demands in their property. We support our Investor by closely watching the tenant to follow the house policies properly.

Post Landing Assistance


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