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We have furnished and unfurnished accommodation options available which will suit the needs of students, interns, young professionals and families.

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We are experts in the cities we serve. We can provide information based on your needs and will available for support.


Stay & Safe is a team of like-minded individuals who have come together as a response to several requests from students, their parents and migrants alike. We have heard many plights of students and migrants who struggled during their initial days in a new country and a new culture. A lot of institutions and government bodies do provide students and migrants resources such as maps and guides that may aid in settling into the new country. What they lack, however is the human connections and a person to answer their queries along with reassuring them that they are not alone. We understand this and provide the guidance that not only helps the students and migrants settle into the new place but also not having to worry about where to seek help. We help you to have a safe and affordable transition in to the new country you call home which may be for a short or long period.
Individuals associated with Stay & Safe were primarily in countries assisting international students and migrants transition to their new environment in a seamless manner. This was done by assisting them in activities such as finding an accommodation, travel guidance, assistance with setting up back accounts and so on.

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What We Offer

Safety First
Our verified accommodations ensure a
100% safe living experience.
Customer Support
We are available to be contacted by
our customers.
360° Services
Avail all accommodation related services under one roof.


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Every Investor looks for ROI. In our business Property owner look for credible occupants. We bridge this task. Quality education has become a tag line for most of the aspirants

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It is the most important part of every parent to see there ward finds an appropriate accommodation during their carrier with University and College abroad.

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